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Software Developer

Chantilly, VA

The position is for a technical and experienced software developer who enjoys working in a fast paced, innovative, mission critical environment with huge impact. The selected candidate will work with a Staff developer on a mission critical big data software application with a very pleasant customer who sits in the vault and provides a continuous feedback loop. Emphasis will be on a developer with full stack experience (UX/UI are critical to this position) as the selected candidate will maintain the Sponsor Website as part of their smaller set of duties. The Sponsor desires a developer who wants to lead, come up with innovative solutions and solve difficult technical challenges. The division uses 2 week agile sprint planning cycles. All are encouraged to think outside the box and to try new technologies, so a developer who requires a very structured environment will not enjoy working here. Management expects a lot from the senior developers in the division (working multiple projects, showing up to meetings 5 days a week, working with other senior developers, coming up with new ideas or technology to solve difficult challenges). The division has started using Angular to modernize applications and has multiple mission critical projects with deliverables over the next 4 fiscal years. The division provides Biometric and Identity Support with enterprise search and analytic applications. Team members work in a multitasking, quick-paced, dynamic, process-improvement environment that requires experience with the principles of biometric technology, large-scale (Terabytes) database and application development, large-scale file manipulation, data modeling, data mapping, data testing, data quality, and documentation preparation. The division directly supports data scientists and analysts by designing and engineering systems to meet exponential increases in digital data.
Mandatory Skills: 

1. Demonstrated experience with a modern content management system (CMS) - JOOMLA preferred. 2. Demonstrated experience with HTML and CSS. 3. Demonstrated experience with JavaScript and JQuery. 4. Demonstrated experience writing Java 7+ (preferably 8, extra points for 9) 5. Demonstrated experience using Spring ecosystem (or equivalent) (Spring Framework 4.x+,Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Feign, Eureka, Ribbon, Zuul) 6. Demonstrated experience writing meaningful unit and integration tests(preferably using JUnit, Mockito, Spring Boot/MVC test framework, Spock,Hamcrest)
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