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Cyber Metrics Analyst

Washington, DC
Cyber Metrics Analyst
Task Order: TO-2
Req ID: Cyber Metrics Analyst
LCAT: Info Assur/Security Spec - Mid
Location: St Elizabeths
Primary Responsibilities
"- Propose SOC metrics for government approval
- Develop a set of SOC metrics that indicate ESOC and Enterprise SOC staff awareness of the Kill Chain methodology
- Develop Implementation Metrics that demonstrate enterprise SOCs are actively using Kill Chain methodology
- Develop effectiveness and efficiency SOC metrics
- Develop Impact Metrics demonstrating the maturity of enterprise SOCs
- Develop a metrics scorecard to display the level of effectiveness of enterprise SOCs
- Build dashboards using the ESOC infrastructure to support on-demand metrics representation
The Security Operations Center (SOC) Metrics Analyst Mid-Level will work directly with the SOC Metrics Team Lead and the customer to ensure that effective, measurable Cyber metrics are collected, analyzed, and presented on both and ad hoc and continual basis using the existing infrastructure. The candidate will be responsible for implementing SOC metrics program to ensure the metrics collected are impactful, and assist in driving sound management decisions. The candidate must have a strong background as a Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst supporting 24X7 operations with experience in data security technologies, incident response, forensics, and digital media analysis and process improvement. The candidate should be familiar the Cyber Kill Chain methodology and how to correctly measure its effectiveness.
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