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Systems Engineer

Reston, VA

This position is specific to Infrastructure engineering - AWS cloud and traditional on-premise and as such requires a combination of network, security, and compute engineering experience. The Customer is seeking an engineer to provide infrastructure services to customers across multiple Enterprise domains of varied environments. The successful candidate will possess hands-on experience in designing, implementing, and delivering hybrid network solutions engineering (from CONOPS to deployment) to include experience in implementing network security/cyber engineering requirements. The successful candidate will be responsible for migrating and transforming on-premise network solutions to hybrid and/or cloud-based AWS infrastructure services. The candidate will deliver flexible, stable, high performance, dynamic network topology on multiple, hybrid network levels to include on-premise and cloud, managing multiple network domains and cross-domain interfaces. The candidate shall demonstrate adeptness in refactoring, rebuilding, and redesigning on-premise infrastructure for cloud migration in accordance with approved schedules and product baseline for cloud migration in accordance with approved schedules and product baseline. The candidate must be knowledgeable of current, common network protocols for both on-premise and cloud/virtual networking architecture.
Mandatory Skills: 

1. On-the-job, hands-on experience implementing Cisco ISE and IOS upgrades; designing and implementing internal audit and network cyber security communications in accordance with the architecture. 2. On-the-job, hands-on experience installing, configuring, managing, and upgrading network technologies (1 or more of the following): Cisco Nexus Series Virtual Switch, Access Switches, Aggregation Switches and Fabric Extenders, Cisco Catalyst, Cisco ACE Module, including routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, intrusion detection devices. 3. Demonstrated experience configuring static and dynamic IPv4 allocation on a per subdomain basis to include: internal vLAN, WAN interfaces, DNS, NAT, clustering, application load balancing, high availability algorithms, port forwarding, storage multi-pathing and algorithms. 4. Demonstrated experience configuring load balancing and high availability, as applicable on-premise and within AWS, to be response time and SSL-aware and shall apply upgrades, and configuration changes according to network domain or organizational standards, policies, and directives. 5. Demonstrated experience writing, briefing, and delivering technical documentation and standard operating procedures required to transition the candidate's engineering solutions to Operations and Maintenance engineering teams
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