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Systems Engineer

Herndon, VA

The engineer will be responsible for developing innovative solutions to data access management. This candidate should have familiarity with entitlement management and request and provisioning services and tools that take advantage of enterprise access controls. Our team works closely with our project managers, system engineers, architects, and testing team members to develop specifications and make recommendations on existing systems using new and emerging technologies that promote system stability for the Sponsor and Partners. Programming, LDAP, Java, and database administration are all elements of this position. In this position, the candidate will work closely with a team of other developers, engineers, and staff, producing detailed specifications and writing the program codes along with testing the product in controlled test environments, reviewing current systems and presenting ideas/recommending courses of action to management for system improvements. May also use expertise to interface with front-end users by providing basic local training support for Sponsor and Partners.
Mandatory Skills: 

1. Demonstrated experience with commercial identity and access management systems, to include access requests, provisioning, roles, access policies, user attributes, and integration of COTS products into customer environments. 2. Demonstrated experience in J2EE/Java design and open source development technologies such as frameworks or design patterns. 3. Familiarity with RDBMS, to include Oracle. 4. Familiarity with applications utilizing object oriented and procedural programming languages, to include Java, JavaScript, PL/SQL, or SQL. 5. Demonstrated experience with configuration management tools such as Subversion or CVS.
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