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Information Management Officer

Mclean, VA

**The customer will accept candidates one skill level lower, which is Developmental** Manage Dataset Access - The contractor shall: • On a daily basis, accurately (with an error rate of less than 5%) track, review, and process (approve/disapprove) workforce requests for dataset access in accordance with established dataset access requirements and standard operating procedures (SOPS). The team receives an average of 100+ requests weekly and manages 15 datasets. Task includes accurately (error rate of less than 5%) tracking requests & processing actions in customer database, verification of completion of prerequisite training, and coordination with customer IT team for the provisioning or removal of dataset accesses. Timely processing of access requests is within 2 business days (or less); • Track in customer database and maintain files of signed forms required for dataset access (e.g. user agreements, acknowledgement forms, etc.). • Accurately track, review, and process removal of dataset access within 1 business day for departing workforce members or to remediate compliance audits findings or compliance incidents (as directed by the customer compliance team) and document access removals in customer database. • Semi-annually, review and update existing dataset access SOPs to ensure accuracy with access requirements, existing technology, business processes, updates to data provider agreements, and ensure current version of the dataset access SOPs are posted to customer intranet site; as needed draft new access SOPs for new datasets, IT applications, or to achieve efficiencies. • Draft and disseminate periodic workforce notifications regarding new/modified dataset access processes or requirements. • Coordinate with IT team, data providers and others to assist Analysts in troubleshooting dataset access. Administer and Track organization compliance and dataset training - The contractor shall: • Administer customer compliance training program currently consisting of 4 types of training; • Reserve/schedule rooms for biweekly and monthly in-person training sessions; • Create an annual training calendar, including coordinating the schedule with presenters and posting the schedule on customer intranet site; • Create course sessions in customer training system; • Create sign-in sheets for each session; • Grant course completion credit and track completion status in two customer databases; • File and archive training rosters and acknowledgement forms; • Create trouble tickets to request training completion credit for web-based trainings not recorded correctly; • Track training completions and report on annual compliance refresher training completion rates (weekly) during Annual Compliance Refresher Training campaign; • Draft and disseminate workforce notifications regarding compliance training requirements; • Provide training completion and/or dataset access reports in support of oversight auditing.
Mandatory Skills: 

1.Demonstrated experience in following and implementing standard operating procedures.
2. Demonstrated experience with research and analysis skills, demonstrated by identifying and securing relevant data; identifying key issues and relationships from a base of information; relating and comparing data from different sources; and taking action on that data in a customer service environment.
3. Demonstrated experience synthesizing large amounts of data with varying levels of detail—both technical and policy—to an understandable and implementable format.
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