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Systems Engineer

Mclean, VA
Description - 

The Sponsor seeks a Systems Engineer (SE). The SE will be part of a team that provides consultation services to help various customers achieve their strategic goals. Using industry best practices, the SE will conduct outreach to customers to understand their needs, collect customer feedback, identify stakeholders, determine project requirements, set project scope, develop a communication plan, apply design theory, monitor progress of the project, communicate changes, and evaluate alternatives with the goal of capturing corporate knowledge to meet mission needs. The SE will also be part of a team that advocates and applies best practices in innovation, develops and uses problem-definition skills, facilitates due diligence, harnesses diversity to find novel solutions, enables collaborative problem solving, breaks down barriers to collaboration, and drives engagement in ways that are effective within the culture. The candidate will use critical thinking, problem-solving, facilitation, and superior communication skills –written and oral – to interact with a wide variety of stakeholders. These include senior leaders, team members, first-line supervisors, fellow subject-matter experts, technical and administrative advisors, end users, and other sponsor partners. Duties include: Consult with stakeholders to transform work processes incorporating knowledge management and collaboration tools to improve the efficiency and quality of Sponsor’s products and facilitate organizational change; Assist with training and briefing participants on platforms used for collaboration, communication, crowdsourcing, and knowledge sharing; Incorporate lessons learned from the Sponsor and private sector regarding KM and crowdsourcing; Determine requirements for WordPress websites and contribute to site design and development; Help integrate tools and craft development requirements to improve existing platforms based on workforce feedback; Ensure the platforms adhere to all relevant quality, security, accessibility, and usability standards; Interface daily with a large user base and be able to solve problems, offer solutions, and provide quick responses to technical issues; adapt to frequent changes in software features and communicate with various development teams to provide troubleshooting reports and feature recommendations; demonstrate personal and teamwork processes that incorporate the available enterprise-wide tools; use wiki pages and blog posts to create and maintain content on a range of topics related to technology, collaboration, and innovation; integrate crowdfunding and crowdsourcing with related innovation and problem-solving efforts. This resource shall also be called upon to do outreach and information gathering among external academic or commercial partners, in various settings, in support of the mission.

Required Skills - 

1. Demonstrated experience with integrated workflow using current graphic design, desktop publishing and multimedia software packages such as the Adobe Creative Suite (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Premier); please include examples as part of package.
2. Demonstrated experience in front-end web development (HTML5, CSS) with consideration of accessibility standards.
3. Demonstrated experience applying visual design theories to holistic branding efforts, visual media and web products, and promotional materials.
4. Demonstrated experience managing user experience requirements for a system, including working with developers to implement requirements, influencing user interface design decisions, facilitating software user testing, and evaluating software updates pre-release.
5. Demonstrated experience with learning-materials preparation and leading classes of up to 25 students.
6. Demonstrated experience using assistive technology for multimedia, including closed captioning and screen reader technology.
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