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IT Program Manager

Reston, VA
IT Program Manager is needed to serve as Scrum Master to provide collaboration, facilitation and leadership skills supporting the development of innovative PD software applications. The individual will be responsible for enforcing the rules of Scrum/Kanban, removing impediments from their teams while promoting self-management and improving standards of work. The individual will work closely with staff PM to manage multiple teams, will work in high-pressure production environments and deliver outstanding products for multiple customers each under tight deadlines and constraints.

IT Program Manager will gather, analyze, and compose technical information. The candidate will also conduct research and ensure the use of proper technical terminology. Also the resource will translate technical information into clear, readable documents and presented to be seen by
technical and non-technical personnel. The IT Program Manager will support the development of all types of documents and reports by developing and updating graphics presentations to improve the quality and enhance the usability of these documents and also be responsible for
integrating the graphics and information generated from meetings and facilitation sessions, using automated tools, and research methods into final deliverable documents.

Required Skills:

1) Demonstrated experience and comprehensive knowledge as scrum master leading multiple AGILE development and operations and maintenance teams (Scrum and/or Kanban). Please provide examples of working and leading in matrix-ed environment.

2) Demonstrated experience scheduling and prioritizing software capabilities.

3) Demonstrated experience effectively working with diverse and senior level customers. Please provide examples.

Desired Skills:

1) Demonstrated experience supporting customer projects and experience working with competing priorities.

2) Demonstrated experience working with technical sponsor components to schedule outages, request hardware or software changes and report outages.

3) Demonstrated experience with written, verbal, communication skills.

4) Demonstrated experience with analytic process of gathering information, writing articles, manipulating graphics and then collaborating and disseminating this information throughout customer user base.

5) Demonstrated experience collaborating and coordinating across project teams and components facilitating information sharing, reuse and productivity improvements.

6) Ruby, Rails, Java and AWS experience
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